While cleaning my pantry I discovered several jars of home canned fruit and several cans of store-boughten fruit that have been around longer than is ideal. I have eaten some of each, and did not get sick, so I hardly think it is going to poison your critters. But it is rather tasteless, and more suited to chickens or pigs than humans at this point. If you are interested in feeding any of this ...
Late last fall my hubby dug up our huge, overgrown rhubarb plant. We replanted a section of it, and the rest just sat there all winter. Now it is merrily putting out leaves from the globs of roots sitting on top of the ground. If you would like to come out and whack off a section to take home, you are welcome to do so. Otherwise it will go into the burn pile. Please respond by email. Thanks!
We moved here last winter and are now cleaning up the grounds. There is a flower bed like area that is surrounded with what looks to me like rocks various sizes about 1/2'x 1/2'x 1/2' to 2'x 1 1/2'x 1/2'. They seem heavy. If you are interested, I can take a picture and send it.
Soft full sized mattress. No box springs.
men's golf clubs, about 10-15 years old complete with bag.
Used (but fairly clean) carpeting. It was removed to install hardwood flooring.
Electric fireplace. Everything works great. Shows wear but overall great to heat a room or accent for a room. We are redoing the room and need the space.
Well loved office chair. Still full functional. If someone needs a high back armed office chair, it's all yours.
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