Any edition is appreciated. I just need to learn how to take care of the plants, etc. Thank you!
My daughter is excited to learn about the wildflowers here are someone recommended this book are a really good one for her. If you have a copy you would like to pass on, please contact me. Thank you!
Need moving materials: Paper, Boxes, Plastic containers w/lids, etc., for pending move. Have transport and will respond immediately. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Jerry "O"
I need to attach a flex drain diverter to my gutter downspouts to take rainwater away from my house. Do you have any you don't need please?
Finally moving out of RV into a house and need bedroom furniture, queen or king size bed, dressers, bureaus and bedside tables. Thank you in advance.
Im in need of a double stroller please!
My 14 yr old daughter is wanting to experiment with cake decorating. If anyone has any supplies, pans, or a spinning cake stand, we'd so appreciate using them!
I m search of a free small to normal sized office desk and preferably comfortable chair. I live in a small/average sized apartment so nothing too big or too big to fit in a 4 door car would be nice. If the desk has drawers in it that would be especially awesome, but anything not too heavy is helpful too. I would pick up the desk/chair anywhere public and anytime that works for you!
Wanting and in need of a preferably tall dresser, small or medium sized. The previous place I lived in had a really nice, large, tall dresser and I got used to using that so much that I am now hoping to find a small/medium dresser for my new place. At least 3+ drawers would be nice and no matter if it s wood, plastic, etc. I can pick it up anywhere public and anytime that works for you!
Needing a piece of upholstery foam for a stool I'm redoing so if u have a piece or eggcrate foam it'll work also.
Just recently got a apartment and in need of kitchen table tv and dressers anything else house hold related or patio related as well
We are looking for a metal post to install a bat box on our property. Preferably 3" in diameter and at least 14' in length. Thanks for considering g.
Looking for flat rocks to make a walking path. Large enough not to break when stepped on but small enough yo lift. If you've got a pile of flat rocks you are looking to get rid of, let me know.
I am moving and taking a lot of plant starts with me, I am in need of lots of plant pots and or buckets to aid in moving them. Prefferably 6 inch pots or bigger, the bigger the better. Can pick up anywhere in town. Thank you!
Looking for newborn baby girl clothes and up , baby girl swing and bounce seat. Mommy just had her. Very low income. Must be nice stuff.
Pack n play with a change for baby girl.
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