I am in need of four black graduation gowns to use for costumes in an upcoming play. Please let me know if you have one or more gathering dust in your closet! Thanks!
Wanted older screen/storm windows or doors with or without screens or plastic/glass. Any size or shape (other than bent) will be great. Thank you in advance.
Needs to be a fixer upper. Please help us if u can.
Any edition is appreciated. I just need to learn how to take care of the plants, etc. Thank you!
My daughter is excited to learn about the wildflowers here are someone recommended this book are a really good one for her. If you have a copy you would like to pass on, please contact me. Thank you!
Finally moving out of RV into a house and need bedroom furniture, queen or king size bed, dressers, bureaus and bedside tables. Thank you in advance.
I m search of a free small to normal sized office desk and preferably comfortable chair. I live in a small/average sized apartment so nothing too big or too big to fit in a 4 door car would be nice. If the desk has drawers in it that would be especially awesome, but anything not too heavy is helpful too. I would pick up the desk/chair anywhere public and anytime that works for you!
Wanting and in need of a preferably tall dresser, small or medium sized. The previous place I lived in had a really nice, large, tall dresser and I got used to using that so much that I am now hoping to find a small/medium dresser for my new place. At least 3+ drawers would be nice and no matter if it s wood, plastic, etc. I can pick it up anywhere public and anytime that works for you!
Needing a piece of upholstery foam for a stool I'm redoing so if u have a piece or eggcrate foam it'll work also.
Just recently got a apartment and in need of kitchen table tv and dressers anything else house hold related or patio related as well
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